Simcon News 03-2017

BRITA successfully uses Varimos© to optimise components, tools and processes

The renowned brand manufacturer for water filter systems, BRITA, located in Taunusstein in Hesse, uses the automatic optimising software, Varimos©, combined with the injection moulding simulation software, Cadmould© 3D-F© to achieve a holistic project engineering.

Engineering and validating the production of this complex group of components for the friction-welded pressure vessel was successfully coordinated for re-engineering the pressure-operated Purity C filter series by BRITA. The challenge the project team faced was to adapt the component’s design to suit the economic and ecological criteria in terms of the material to be used, optimising process safety and cycle time.

By using the Varimos® software, a ‘ping-pong exchange‘ was started between process- and structure simulation. Possible situations of product failure were linked by means of both software systems by Simcon virtual and Abaqus and reproduced. The computer-supported process optimisation was executed in 10 stages altogether, from the actual condition right up to the optimal nominal values. The virtual design was validated by burst tests. The precise technical and economic objectives that BRITA had specified at the start of the project were achieved by implementing the project results.

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