Simcon News 01-2018

Premiere: Simcon at METAV Düsseldorf from February 20 -24, 2018

Premiere: Simcon at METAV Düsseldorf
from February 20 - 24, 2018 Saturday, February 24, 2018
This year, Simcon will take part in the METAV trade show for the first time. 
Come visit us in hall 15, booth E83, and ask our staff about the highlights of Cadmould 3D-F, the professional software to simulate workpieces, tools, and processes.







The Future of Biocomposites is automatic optimisation

On December 6, Dr. Paul F. Filz gave a remarkable presentation about „Injection Moulding and Simulation of Consumer Products with Aqvacomp® Composites” at the Seventh Biocomposite Conference in Cologne – the worldwide largest conference on Natural Fibre and Wood-Plastic Composites.
With 230 participants attending, Dr. Filz has shown that Cadmould® 3D-F enables injection molding simulation of biocomposites just as easily and effectively as of fossile composites including well-known molding challenges such as filling, shrinkage & warpage or structural analysis. He also demonstrated that the next step of simulation evolution is “Automatic Optimisation” for biocomposites. Finally, he underlined: ”To be successful with a new product on the market you need to be better, cheaper and preferable faster. Varimos® is the solution for all three of these criteria.”

Why we working with Cadmould (R) 3D-F ! User Sonia Balseiro Socem Portugal reports

„In the field of mold manufacturing, it is nowadays increasingly important to get precise and fast results.
This is why we at Socem are using Cadmould for several years. With simulation software we have the chance, to know what is happening inside oft he mold, which is a very useful complement to the experience of the person operating the part. 
As we are conducting benchmarks with other injection molding simulation software, we found that Cadmould is not only highly accurate but also probably the fastest software on the market.
As it is possible to simulate several variants and parts at the same time, time saving is obvious. But another feature for the person doing the simulation is the simulation speed. With Cadmould we get our results within just a few hours, whereas other software easily would take 1 or 2 days.“

Tips + Tricks

The Geometry Explorer, which was known from earlier versions, is now a fixed part of the user interface for ease of use when handling geometrical objects. As well as the visibility control on moulded parts, inserts, runner segments, and cooling segments, the Geometry Explorer also handles the colour scheme of the various moulded parts and inserts, as well as exporting components and warped geometries. Simultaneous export of several ge-ometry components is carried out in this context via mul-tiple selection in Geometry Explorer. The “Export” and “Unwarp” (requires the “Unwarp” module) features can be found in Geometry Explorer by right-clicking.

Events and Trade Show

20.-24.02.2018 METAV, Hall 15, Stand 15B83, Düsseldorf, Germany
05.-07.06.2018 KUTENO, Kunststofftechnik Nord, Stand D15, Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany